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Travelers seeking a Venice airport taxi have either of two main options i.e. water or land taxis.

Water taxis

They provide a quick means of getting from the Marco Polo Airport to Venice. This is because waterways do not experience traffic jams and tend to be shorter. These taxis are quite small in size and this enables them to travel through the narrowest side canals so as to easily reach smaller landing points or hotels. They are also usually privately owned.

The Venice Airport taxi booking office for the water taxis is located in the arrivals section at the Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia desk. These water taxis have their landing stage located about 750 meters along the left path from the main exit.

If the desk is not open you can still walk to their pier and negotiate the fare with one of the taxis available there. You will however have to contend with the fact that regular fare may be hiked. If you have luggage you can pick a luggage trolley from among those found in the baggage claim area for a charge of 1 and which is refundable if the trolley is returned to the area a few meters away from the water taxi stop. You can also hire one of the regular taxis available at the arrivals section to carry you and your luggage to the water taxi stop.

Cost: Water taxis charge anything between 80 and 125. The charges may increase by 10 if you take the taxi before 7am.

Tips: Water taxis offer a very romantic way of getting into Venice. They should however not be confused for the Alilaguna which is a shared boat service.

Land Taxis:

The Venice Airport taxi company that offers road transport services is the Artisan Cooperative Radio Taxi Company and it has a booth at the arrivals section. It is available through telephone number 04 1595 2080.

Tip: It is prudent to carry cash for both water and land taxis services as some of them do not accept credit cards. The trip to Piazzale Roma costs around 40.
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Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo
Viale G. Galilei, 30/1
30173 Tessera Venezia

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IATA airport code: VCE
ICAO airport code: LIPZ

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Tel: +39 041 260 9260
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